Founded in 2015, NUIC is a distinguished real estate development firm specializing in identifying and acquiring distressed real estate opportunities. With a focus on transforming these properties into exceptional, high-quality homes, NUIC offers investors and lenders enticing, consistent, and risk-adjusted returns.

At NUIC, we understand that owning a home marks a significant milestone in one’s life. That’s why we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all potential buyers by crafting meticulously designed and thoughtfully planned properties. Operating within a bustling metropolis, where luxury apartment rentals pose fierce competition, NUIC strives to surpass expectations in terms of craftsmanship and the final product.

In fact, a majority of our satisfied customers have been young, first-time home buyers seeking to transition from rental apartment living into a comparable home that encompasses captivating design and premium finishes. We recognize their desire for a seamless transition, and we are committed to delivering homes that not only meet but exceed their expectations.


Brenly Tolentino, Principal

As a Principal, Brenly plays a crucial role in overseeing the seamless execution of daily construction operations. His responsibilities encompass a range of tasks, including pre-development, planning, budgeting, and the management of projects from inception to completion. With an impressive track record, Brenly has successfully managed an extensive portfolio of residential construction projects spanning nearly 69,000 square feet. His focused approach ensures that all endeavors adhere to NUIC’s commitment to quality.

Prior to co-founding NUIC, Brenly garnered recognition as an award-winning broker at Provident Legacy RE. In this capacity, he led a leasing team and demonstrated exceptional prowess in maintaining high occupancy levels across various assets.

By leveraging his extensive experience and network of trade professionals, Brenly ensures that all projects undertaken by NUIC meet the highest standards of quality. His expertise and dedication contribute significantly to NUIC’s continued success in delivering exceptional construction and design outcomes.

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Daniel Mirabel, Principal

As a Principal, Daniel assumes a pivotal role in nurturing both existing and prospective investor relationships, encompassing the crucial task of raising capital for new opportunities. His multifaceted responsibilities include sourcing, underwriting, and conducting due diligence on potential acquisitions. Additionally, Daniel adeptly manages NUIC’s financial operations while spearheading crucial business development initiatives.

Before co-founding NUIC, Daniel distinguished himself as an award-winning real estate broker at Provident Legacy RE. With a primary focus on assisting investors and developers in acquiring new projects. Growing up in Jersey City, Daniel holds a deep personal connection to the city, making the opportunity to contribute to its development particularly meaningful. Daniel further honed his expertise by studying Finance at New Jersey City University, ensuring a strong foundation for his endeavors in the real estate industry.

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To be unboxed means to not be afraid to be unconventional and to find new approaches to the ordinary things. We believe we can change the world with the right application of real estate, we can influence change and have a major impact. At Northern United International, it’s our goal to not only have a positive effect on ourselves and our families but also to inspire, motivate and create lasting change in our communities.


NUIC was founded for the purpose of investing in our world, our communities, ideas and most importantly, the people that bring it all together. The culture at Northern came to life using these words “A license to do more.” Our greatest desire at Northern is for the freedom and inspiration to do more. Through NUIC, we will make this vision come true.