Adding flavor to Jersey City’s quickly growing Bergen-Hill

Abandoned site in early 2000’s

Proposed townhomes on 117 & 119 Harrison Ave

JERSEY CITY – AUGUST 20, 2021 – NUIC today announced the plans for its most recent acquisition, the company plans to build 4-new condominium units in Jersey City’s quickly growing Bergen-Hill neighborhood in an effort to boost home ownership. The townhomes are only 27 minutes away from Manhattan’s Financial District and are designed to incorporate the sites previous use as a warehouse, “The idea is to preserve the fabric of the street, this design is without a doubt more creative than what has been built in the neighborhood and that is because we made it a point to pay tribute to the history of the site and we think it goes hand in hand with our modern industrial concept here.” Said Daniel Mirabel, a NUIC Principal. NUIC is no stranger to historic preservation and inclusion, often keeping historically significant details intact and adding a modern flare to create exceptional products.

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About NUIC

Founded in 2015, NUIC is a real estate development firm that specializes in identifying and acquiring distressed real estate opportunities and develops them into unique, high-quality homes, while providing investors and lenders with attractive, consistent, and risk adjusted returns.

Owning a home is a life changing milestone; therefore, NUIC strives to improve the quality of life for all potential buyers by developing well designed, meticulously thought-out, and unique properties. Competing in a metropolis against luxury apartment rentals for buyers pushes NUIC to over deliver on the quality of work and final product. In fact, most of NUIC’s previous buyers have been younger, first time home buyers looking to leave their luxury apartment buildings but expect a comparable home with respect to design and finishes.

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